Gold Offers

We are buying Gold Dore Bars/Bullion.


Gold Bullion Seller is needed in Switzerland.


We need a Bullion supplier for one of our vetted clients.

Location: UBS, Zurich, Switzerland, or other Swiss verified security storage.

Deal Type: FOB Switzerland. Bank to Bank.

Quantity: 250-1,200 MT per month.

Contract duration: 12-60 Months.

Price: LMBA 10/7 or better.

Gold age: less than 5 years.

PS: Zoom cc between mandates or between seller & buyer.


Thank you for holding our hands in partnership.


-Mbh Progress Team-

February 2021

we are selling Gold Dore Bars/Bullion.



Commodity: GLD compliant bullion (refined to GLD specifications)
Quantity: "Large-tonnage" inventory, regularly replenished
Format: 12.5 KG Bars
Purity: 999.5/1000 or better fineness
Assay Reports: Less than five (5) years old
Hallmarks: Metalor refinery (Hong Kong)
Serial Numbers: LBMA-registered serial numbers
Location: Private security warehouse in Hong Kong
Insurance: Insured by Lloyd’s of London for full LBMA market value
Trade Status: Freely liftable and tradable and fully exportable
All government/agency clearances and approvals
Export permits already issued in name of Seller,


Modality: Bank-managed transactions. Major world Banks only.
Seller’s Bank: HSBC, Hong Kong, Main Office
Contract Size: Minimum 200 MT. Large-tonnage, multi-Lift contracts are available.

Discount: Gross 8% and Net 6% to Buyer (LBMA, 2nd fix)
First Lift: 200 MT (fixed amount)
Subsequent Lifts : Flexible Lift size / Lift frequency. Minimum 200 MT Lift amounts.
Final Assay: Performed by Metalor refinery Assayers, Hong Kong (preferred).
Delivery: Metalor refinery storage or HSBC, Hong Kong vault storage or
Seller's security warehouse - at Buyer’s option
Settlement: “Ledger-to-Ledger” transfer of cash funds. United States
Dollars. Other major world currencies considered.

Consulting Fees: 2% Consultancy Fees payable by Seller as follows:
1% to Seller's side (closed), disbursed by Seller
1% to Buyer's side, disbursed by Seller or Buyer


a) Metalor Refinery Assay. We are willing to move the Lift amount to Metalor
refinery at our expense for a new certification. Buyers may take delivery from Metalor
storage as pure GLD or we will return the bullion to our private security warehouse.
b) Security Warehouse Assay. We are willing to engage the Metalor refinery’s Assayer team at our expense to assay the Lift amount at our security warehouse or the Buyer may utilize their own certified Assayers to perform the final assay in place.
c) Bank Vault Storage. We are willing to instruct HSBC, Hong Kong at our expense
to collect the newly certified bars from the Metalor refinery and move the bullion into the
Bank’s vault or depository. Buyers may take delivery directly from HSBC, Hong Kong.


Thank you for holding our hands in partnership.


-Mbh Progress Team-

February 2021

We are selling Gold Dore Bars/Bullion.


Please let us know if you are or have a buyer interested in the following bullion sale transaction:

LOCATION: FOB Secure Warehouse Thailand.

FORM: Gold Bullion,

AGE: Less than 5 Years,

Hallmarked, LBMA registered “in the system”, simply verifiable

PRICE: As per quantity.

   ** DISCOUNT: 14% GROSS / 11% NET for any “on-market”

   ** Quantity: 200 to 500MT

   ** DISCOUNT: UP to 19% GROSS / 16% NET for “off-market”

    ** Quantity: above 500 MT.


          Bank Officer to Bank Officer only,

FULL POP AND POL for Buyers Prime Bank POF.

Thank you for holding our hands in partnership.


-Mbh Progress Team-

February 2021

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